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Reusable Crates
By utilizing returnable/reusable milk crates we keep approximately 6 million cardboard boxes out of the waste stream.
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Energy Savings at Turner's
Reducing our energy consumption is vital to creating a more sustainable future. Read more to see what we are doing to reduce energy use.
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Recycling at Turner's
If you can't reduce your waste, recycle it! Milk jugs are among the most widely accepted forms of plastics to be recycled. HDPE can be reused to make many other products.
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Sustainability at Turner's
Being sustainable means that development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. A large focus of Turner’s outlook is decreasing the overall amount of waste that is produced and looking to reallocate that waste into other processes throughout the dairy.
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cARTon Design Contest
Do you want to be part of yinzer history? Your design could be on our 50th Anniversary Commemorative Carton!
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