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Buttermilk Banana Waffles
While you have some extra time start your mornings off right with Buttermilk Banana Waffles!
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Creamy Chicken Soup
Warm, cozy and comforting - and it's easy to make! One last cold spell this weekend and Spring is right around the corner.
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Decades of Milk Packaging
Our 90th Anniversary is almost officially here (April 10th)! For the month of March we are going to show you how our milk packaging has changed throughout the past 90 years. From glass bottles to paper cones to recyclable plastic, we have tried it all!
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Chocolate Strawberry Truffles
Making these Chocolate Strawberry truffles is waayyy easier than you think!! All you need 5 ingredients and a little bit of time.
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90th Anniversary!
2020 is here, and it's our 90th Anniversary!! Throughout the year we will be telling the story of how our business and community have changed over the past 90 years!
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