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National Dairy Month
June is National Dairy Month! As part of our ongoing 90th Anniversary celebration we will be highlighting the partnerships we have local, family owned dairy farmers.
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Fresh Ricotta
Fresh. homemade Ricotta Cheese. 3 ingredients, 5 simple steps
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The Story of Charlie G. Turner
In April 1930, Chas G Turner Dairy was founded (changed to Turner Dairy Farms, Inc. in 1951). Charlie remained focused on the ethos we still follow today: “Perfect Products. Perfect Service. Treat People Right.” Charlie was described as humble, caring, serving, and generous.
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Mama T's Pasta Sauce
Is there such a thing as too much sauce? I'm a firm believer in the more the merrier when it comes to pretty much all sauces and condiments, especially pasta sauce. Gotta have plenty left over to dip your garlic bread in!
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Coloring Sheet - Turner's Farm
Turner's Farm coloring sheet
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