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Fresh Ricotta


Use this fresh ricotta cheese in all of your favorite Italian dishes! Only uses 3 ingredients and 6 simple steps.

You can use either distilled white vinegar or lemon juice to form the cheese curds. If you use lemon juice the flavor show through in final product. For more savory dishes I suggest using the vinegar. Lemon juice is perfect for cannolis or lighter spring/summer meals.

Yield ~8oz ricotta cheese



1 1/2 tsp – salt

4 Tbsp – distilled white vinegar (or lemon juice)

6 cups – whole milk Find It



Add milk and salt to a medium-large sauce pan.

Bring to a rolling boil, while stirring occasionally

Add vinegar (or lemon juice) and remove from heat.

stir lightly and let stand for 5 minutes

Pour into a large, heat-proof bowl lined with cheese cloth.

Drain for approximately 10 minutes (the longer it drains the drier the cheese will be)