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Pittsburgh’s Favorite Iced Tea


We can’t believe it’s already July, but we are excited about seeing some great #TurnersTeaWeather! As part of our 90th Anniversary celebration, we want to share the story of our iconic Premium Iced Tea!

Turner’s started making our iconic iced tea in 1972. Many workers in steel mill towns would take jars of brewed tea on the job to stay hydrated. The goal for us was to get steel mill workers something good to drink that they could easily pack and would give them much needed fuel to get through long grueling hours in the mills. As it got more popular with the workers and their families, more of our retail partners and home delivery customers wanted it as well. In the first year, we made 1,200 gallons. Presently, we make approximately 20,000 gallons a DAY!

As far as the recipe, we haven’t changed a thing since 1972. What makes it so good? The process we use makes the difference. We use a special filter for water, as well as a special blend of sugars. Quality is one of the most important parts of our business, and has been a part of our ethos since day 1. No secret, magical ingredients, just honest hard work day-in and day-out.

Another question we often get is why our packaging looks similar to other dairies iced tea packaging around the country. Back when we first started producing iced tea, there was a generic label that most dairies used where you could just add your logo at the top. In 1994, we added the iconic pin stripes to set apart from everyone else!

Paper half gallons – We stopped selling paper half gallons __ years ago due to the market having interest in plastic bottles. For awhile we sold both, but once sales dropped on the paper, we decided to discontinue it. We still produce our Premium Tea in paper pints, which there are no plans to stop! We believe the paper carton gives a different taste than the plastic bottle. Some yinzers got used to the taste and now prefer it!

Turner’s has always been committed to supporting our local community. We’re proud to fuel whatever path you follow. Artists, athletes, musicians and thrillseekers. It’s our mission to fuel the creativity & hard work that make our region authentic.

Turner’s Premium Tea is synonymous with Pittsburgh. We are honored and proud to be woven into the fabric of our city. We plan to be here for another 90 years, keeping Pittsburgh #FueledbyTurners!